We study the future of learning, where education and technology intersect. Housed in Computing and Information Science at Cornell University, the lab is directed by Rene Kizilcec.

The way people learn is changing. Computer-based learning and support systems are increasingly used in grade school and post-secondary education; and online learning is expanding rapidly to meet growing global demand for higher education, reskilling, and continuous professional development in a networked knowledge economy. The Future of Learning Lab is committed to advancing our understanding of the impact of technology in education and how it can be an engine of equality in society.

Our research is scientifically rigorous and immediately actionable for practitioners and policymakers, as we study educational technologies and the people who use them out in the world through big data and randomized experiments. To this end, the lab engages in numerous collaborations with education providers to design and implement studies that answer shared research questions. The Future of Learning lab takes a multi-disciplinary approach that builds on theories and methods in the learning sciences, cognitive and social psychology, human-computer interaction, economics, and statistical learning. We are committed to open science practices and to promoting diversity in the field.

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